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A few days ago I spoke about a crypto gaming gem that I think has the potential to become the number one crypto gaming project now. Since then there has been so much more bullish information that has come out about Pikamoon and I think this is your last chance to grab Pika tokens whilst they are still cheap.

 In today's article, I am going to be filling you in on all the latest information on Pica and telling you why I believe this project will become the number one gaming crypto. Also, please remember that this content is not financial advice. Investing in the crypto market is risky, so be sure to do your own research to know if this is right for you. And if you do invest, then only invest. You can afford to lose in a worst case scenario. Just before we get into the article, it would be appreciated if you could drop a like on the article. This content takes a lot of time to make from the research involved to the content creation, so please help support the channel by liking the article. So Pikas Price is currently at the number on the screen right now and it currently has a fully diluted valuation of $130 million. 

What is Pika? 

Pikamoon's Pika is a gamefi coin and is the native token of Pikamoon and the surrounding Pikaverse. Pikamoon is a play to earn metaverse game based on multiplayer online battle arena dynamics. The game tasks players with assembling the strongest team of Pikamoon NFTs. Pikamoon characters are then pitted against each other within an immersive battle arena with the game's native Pika token being the reward on offer. With deep lore, masterful gameplay and real world rewards on the line, Pikamoon plays host to one of the most promising blockchain gaming ecosystems on the market. You can download the beta version of the game now on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. If you havent seen my last Pica article and want a more in depth introduction of the project, then be sure to check out the article on the card on screen now for more details. So what is there to update on since our last article?

 First off, Pico was actually the top gainer on both MeXc and bitget exchanges, spiking over 300% with serious volume since launch, taking Pica to a peak of around $30 million in circulating market cap. This is still 40 x smaller than Picas main competitors like Axie, Infinity, Alluvium and the sandbox. The next information is that there are rumors that more exchanges are coming. Having launched on two CEX already having huge volume and huge traffic, its no wonder that other exchanges will list Pica very soon. Position yourself before the next big announcements. If you missed the presale pump then you missed the launch pump. Dont make the same mistake three times in a row. The Pikamoon team is professional and knows how to execute now. Another thing I really like about the Pika team and founders is that they are very much part of the crypto industry and fully understand crypto culture. Something I find really entertaining is that they have a celebration party planned for when the project hits a $1 billion market cap and the party is going to be planned by none other than this absolute legend Corey who was made famous from this news interview. 

If you can remember this, he was also part of the film project x so I think we are in good hands for this party. It is also said that Corey himself invested $20,000 into Pika and actually got in contact with the team so hes clearly on board. Another bullish development on Pika is that the project is partnered with over 100 influencers right now and that itself is insanely bullish in my opinion as the reach this will give Pikmin is massive and its clear that the marketing Pika is doing is working well as the Twitter account now has over 30,000 followers and and the Telegram has over 12,000 members. If you hold the project then be sure to support Pikamoon on all social media platforms and work for your bags a little bit. Now moving on to one of the most bullish developments is that Pica is already implementing token burns and already over six to 5 million Pika tokens have been burned which is equal to $160,000. 

Keep in mind this project is only five days old and they have already burned this many tokens. They added some other news to this tweet and said we will be rolling out key dates for the first generation nfts in the next weeks. The floor price is already looking healthy. All presale investors who hold their Pica until Mint will get an NFT for free which incentivizes people to hold their tokens. There were also no vc meaning no early presale whales can dump and the presale tokens have a vesting period so people who will be up a lot already need to hold their tokens for another little while. The teams tokens are also locked for 36 months. All of this is good because it means there wont be mass sell off at any point and this will keep a steady floor price on the project right now. From looking at the team, the project itself and all of these developments, I really believe that Pico will become the number one crypto gaming project. I am heavily invested at current prices because Pika is still in its very early stages. Think of just a few months ahead when Pikamoon game is completed and released to the public with play to earn features. 

They have an in game economy with Pika tokens and nfTs. Pika will be available on all exchanges. They will have more marketing and whilst all of this happening there will be massive amounts of Pica being burned. I think this all lines up perfectly as the crypto gaming industry could be approaching a massive bull run and this gives Pica the potential to get into the multi billion dollar market caps as we saw with a variety of projects last crypto gaming pool run like Axie, Infinity, sandbox and alluvium. I think Pica could match these projects and with its comparatively low market cap, the room for growth and potential profits on Pica is massive. If you want to know how to get Pika tokens, the easiest way is to have an account with either MexC or Biggit exchange and buy the tokens there. That is what I have done and I hold my Pipa tokens on Mexi. You can sign up to the exchange and buy Pipa tokens by checking out the link in the description. You can also get Pica through Uniswap. I will link the project on Dex tools in the description as well. So that's the update on Pika. 

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