1. Introduction: 

So a top analyst has come out and said that they believe that they can see Shiba Inu rallying 300 plus percent soon. So I have a question for you. Do you think that's reality? Do you think that that could, could happen? Drop in the comments below. Let me hear from you. By the way, smash that like button. Please hit that subscribe button. Turn on that bell notification. I cover Shib every single day, as well as other tokens, other meme coins, also bitcoin, all the other major stuff with two goals, keep you updated and help you make more money in this crazy crypto market. So give me a follow. I appreciate it.


  2. Analyst's Prediction: 

All right, so this analyst whose name is Xan Rocks, hopefully I got that right. That would be a Zan Rock X. And, you know, and when it's x is the first, it's usually a z, right. Drop in the comments below. Let me know if I'm, if my grammar is correct, is claiming that they are seeing a 300 upswing for Shib based on the Fibonacci retracement tool. Okay, now, number one, do you think that's a possibility?


  3. Previous Movement Analysis: 

I'm going to show you something that might convey, might convince you a little bit more. Let me show you this. This is Shiba Inu's current chart on trading view. Okay. This blue box represents, right here, the period of, in this blue box. Now, the smaller blue box on top, you can see right there. See where it says 27 days, 6 hours? So in that period, Shiba Inu went up 311%. So, hmm. Begs the question, right, do we see a 300% move up in the near future for Shib? Is that possible? Well, we just did it, and we did it really, really quick.


  4. Trading Indicator Insights: 

This right here, momentum up, this little green box down here, and this momentum down. These are buy and sell alerts from my trading indicator that I've had built for me to use. I spent a ton of money on it, and I've always, I've started letting people get access to it for basically almost nothing, a dollar a Day. There's a discount code down there. There's also a 30 day, no questions asked money back refund guarantee. So you can try my trading indicator if you want, really effectively for free for 30 days. If you don't like it, you get a complete refund.


  5. Market Analysis: 

Shib's current price, as of the recording of the  article markets at 0.7 bitcoins up, is flat. Ethereum is running a nice. A little bit, relatively. Everything else is flat. Look, Shib's not really doing much. It's Easter Sunday today, obviously. Happy Easter. For those of you guys who celebrate Easter, I think everybody's kind of got their eye off the proverbial ball today, meaning spending time with family and things of that nature, globally, if you will. And that's what we're doing. The market's flat.


  6. Conclusion: 

So thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time. I think it can do it. As always, I appreciate you. Have a good one. Go make some money. Take care. Happy Easter. Thank you.

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